Cockroaches Control

These insects tend to come out at night foraging for food scraps, and search for shelter in a warm and humid environment. Cockroaches will contaminate food with their droppings or dead egg casings. Some people are allergic to these roaches and it may cause asthma attacks, food poisoning or other health disorders. Best treatment options are dusts and gels which cockroaches absorb through their body which is fast acting and eradicates them.

German Cockroaches: Most of our calls on the Central Coast relate to eradication of cockroaches within homes and commercial premises. These roaches are mainly found in kitchens and usually underneath warm appliances, eg kettle, dishwasher, and fridge. These roaches are usually smaller than the average roach and they have the tendency to multiply and do damage to wiring and appliances. The best treatment option for eradication involves emptying of cupboards, access to appliances, use of non-repellent sprays, gels and dusts. We have plenty of experience with this species and are very thorough in our treatment.

Large Cockroaches: Are mainly found in wall and roof cavities. Best treatment Flatline offers is pumping dust through these areas. For example, through man-holes and ventilation holes in brickwork. Flatline has knowledge of all cockroach species and best methods of eradication if home and commercial premises.

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