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Termite Control in Central Coast

Termite Control


Termites are considered amongst the most damaging pests in your home or workplace. Also referred as white ants, they can lead to great damage to the structure of your house and once they enter the house, your wooden foundations are safe no more.


Are you worried about having termites in your home? Well, worry no more when Flatline Pest Control is here at your service. We know the value of your house and belongings and thus, provide termite control in Central Coast. We cover the homes in almost every area ensuring 100% prevention of harmful pests.


In a recent survey, it was found that thousands of homes are attacked by termites in Central Coast every year. As such, thousands of dollars are wasted and people have to deal with the loss. Why not eliminate them totally at a cost-effective price? Our pest control packages will suit your budget and show successful results in the first time itself.

Our Termite Control Methods

Be it your home or commercial building, we are there to help you with the termite control mission. Our experienced professionals understand that it is your biggest investment and they ensure it is in safe hands.


As soon as you book an appointment for the day, our professional will reach the site and start inspection. We follow a systematic termite pest control process in Central Coast as follows:


  • Once you call us, we give prompt response.
  • Our local experts reach you in no time.
  • We provide 24hours services on working days


  • As soon as our professionals are on site, they start the discussion of your pest problem.
  • Based on the discussion, we plan a survey and design a quote for you.
  • Next appointment is then booked as per your convenience.
  • Solutions are suggested for the damage


  • After the survey, we will come to your home to initiate the termite treatment process.
  • Our process is purely environment friendly.
  • We take care of the health of child or pets in your home.


  • We will come to you as many times you want us to check your problem is solved.
  • We provide guaranteed results.
  • Our experts will suggest you some helpful to to keep away from the hungry termites.



“Great team and great service. Reached on time and did my pest control which I found was effective. I have not found a single cockroach in kitchen – thank god.”

– Amy H. McPeak


“Flatline Pest Control did a great job of handling a huge termite issue and a slightly larger drainage issue for our new house when we moved in. The job was done well, with no indication that they were ever here. We are very pleased with the results, and would recommend them to anyone that needed termite or drainage work done.”

– John J. Thompson


“I have had a major ant problem for years I own a house that’s on a slab foundation and I use to use another company that could never get rid of my ants. I finally called Flatline Pest Control and the first time was a charm. They even guaranteed there work. There service was great and the service guy who came out to the house was very friendly.”

– Preston S. Eggleston