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Flatline Pest Control


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We provide a comprehensive range of effective pest control services in NSW. Our services are available for domestic as well as business premises. We are aware of the fact that many people cannot fully trust the chemicals that are used for pest control. We can assure you that the chemicals we use are absolutely safe for the health of your family and pets and the environment.

Experienced in all facets of commercial pest control services in NSW, we protect your business premises from all sorts of pest infestations. Our expert professionals can even offer you advice to prevent further infestation.

Pests can cause heavy damage to domestic and business properties. They can lead to food contamination, diseases, infection, allergies and unnecessary expenses.
With quality workmanship, our team can give you the best solution to get rid of pests.

We are fully licensed and qualified to provide effective pest control services that ensure long-lasting results. Along with ownership properties, our services are also available for properties that you are planning to buy in NSW. We can carry out a thorough inspection of the property before you invest in it.

Locally owned and operated, we are specialists in commercial pest control services in NSW. We are always one phone call or email away. If you have to deal with rats, cockroaches, fleas, ants, bugs, spiders, termites or any other pest in your commercial premises, contact us immediately to eradicate them. Making your property pest-free is our responsibility.

We offer tailor-made solutions that guarantee peace of mind.



“Great team and great service. Reached on time and did my pest control which I found was effective. I have not found a single cockroach in kitchen – thank god.”

– Amy H. McPeak


“Flatline Pest Control did a great job of handling a huge termite issue and a slightly larger drainage issue for our new house when we moved in. The job was done well, with no indication that they were ever here. We are very pleased with the results, and would recommend them to anyone that needed termite or drainage work done.”

– John J. Thompson


“I have had a major ant problem for years I own a house that’s on a slab foundation and I use to use another company that could never get rid of my ants. I finally called Flatline Pest Control and the first time was a charm. They even guaranteed there work. There service was great and the service guy who came out to the house was very friendly.”

– Preston S. Eggleston