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Bed Bug Control in Central Coast

Bed Bug Control in Central Coast

Do you feel something biting you while asleep in a hotel room or on your own bed? Bed bug it is! Worried, aren’t you? How about if we say we can help you get rid of them? Yes, Flatline Pest Control is up with its program of bed bug control in Central Coast.

Information about Bed bug

A common bed bug is small in size. These are flat parasite insects without wings and are 6-9mm long. Bed bugs usually hide in mattresses, crevices and cracks of bed, chairs or furniture. This tiny little insect come out of their secluded shelter at night and feed on human blood when we are deep into sleep. The heat and CO2 we produce, attracts them. They feed for a short period on human blood and then go back to rest, digest, mate and lay eggs in the den.


Important facts you should know

  • An adult bed bugs has the capacity to survive for up to a year without food
  • After their meal, they rest in a quiet and secretive place for around 5-10 days. During this period, they digest, mate and lay eggs.
  • They can live anywhere in homes, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, buses, schools, trains, retail stores, cinemas, and anywhere where humans live.

Bed Bug Treatments at Flatline Pest Control

Treatment for bed bug elimination requires a smart and dual approach. At Flatline Pest Control, our experts use an insecticide spray approved for residential benefits which keeps away the bed bug for quite a long period of time. All that is to be taken care of is the insecticide spray must directly come in contact with the bed bugs to kill them.


An important factor to get rid of bed bugs is you need to follow some mandatory housekeeping tips on a regular basis. We provide necessary helpful advice to our customers included in our complete bed bug control services in Central Coast.



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– Amy H. McPeak


“Flatline Pest Control did a great job of handling a huge termite issue and a slightly larger drainage issue for our new house when we moved in. The job was done well, with no indication that they were ever here. We are very pleased with the results, and would recommend them to anyone that needed termite or drainage work done.”

– John J. Thompson


“I have had a major ant problem for years I own a house that’s on a slab foundation and I use to use another company that could never get rid of my ants. I finally called Flatline Pest Control and the first time was a charm. They even guaranteed there work. There service was great and the service guy who came out to the house was very friendly.”

– Preston S. Eggleston