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Flatline Pest Control


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Q. Do I Need Professional Pest Control Services?

While there are things you can do to stop pest infestation in your home, you cannot keep pests at bay permanently. Pests tend to come back repeatedly if long-term eradication methods are not implemented. Professionals have in-depth knowledge of eliminating different types of pests which is always a safer option than DIY.

Q. Why Should I Choose Flatline Pest Control?

Flatline Pest Control is proud to be at your service. Wiping out all pests from your home is our goal. We strive to offer you a clean living environment by exterminating pests completely from your property. Our clients have put their faith in us and we have successfully stood up to their expectations.

Q. Why Are Termites Such A Big Problem?

Termites are very common in Australia. They quickly depreciate the value of your property and the cost of repairing termite damage is not covered by any insurance.

Q. Do I Need To Be Home When The Service Is Taking Place?

Not necessarily.

Q. Where Should I Keep My Pet(S)?

When we are carrying out the treatment, we’ll let you know what to do with your pets.

Q. Are The Chemicals You Use Safe For My Family

Yes,chemicals are designed to target the biology of the insect only.



“Great team and great service. Reached on time and did my pest control which I found was effective. I have not found a single cockroach in kitchen – thank god.”

– Amy H. McPeak


“Flatline Pest Control did a great job of handling a huge termite issue and a slightly larger drainage issue for our new house when we moved in. The job was done well, with no indication that they were ever here. We are very pleased with the results, and would recommend them to anyone that needed termite or drainage work done.”

– John J. Thompson


“I have had a major ant problem for years I own a house that’s on a slab foundation and I use to use another company that could never get rid of my ants. I finally called Flatline Pest Control and the first time was a charm. They even guaranteed there work. There service was great and the service guy who came out to the house was very friendly.”

– Preston S. Eggleston